How can you manage product distribution over thousands of meters of shelves and thousands of items?

Every major brand that is distributed in large and medium-sized stores faces this problem when it comes to performance indicators like the number of products listed against the target and share of shelf. While strategically important for sales, checking planograms, shelf by shelf, is still a low-value task.
Nevertheless, on average it takes up 50% of the time salespeople spend at stores.

Today, thanks to our image recognition, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology installed on smartphones, EasyPicky enables you to verify planograms in a millisecond. This gives your salespeople time to focus on tasks that really add value.

Why is planogram compliance strategically important for brands?

1 - Because product availability is essential

2 - Because where and how it is placed on the shelf has a significant impact on sales

87 %

of sensory experiences come through our vision

70 %

of purchasing decisions are made right in front of the shelf

40 %

of consumers cancel their purchase if it is not available

26 %

of consumers will buy another brand if the one they want is not available

Some of our clients

BIC Montpellier
BPI France
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