EasyPicky’s technology is underpinned by the development of an instant image recognition engine.

This technology was designed to be used on any embedded system, with no internet connection required.

EasyPicky is a tech disruptor that is redrawing the boundaries of the existing process and accelerating it - making planograms verification less complex, easier, faster and more reliable.

Renaud Pacull

Renaud Pacull

ESPCI ParisTech and MINES ParisTech.

Renaud has five years’ experience at Total as an R&D manager across all high-tech activity, particularly involving artificial intelligence.

He filed three patents in 2016, is experienced in issues around intellectual property, has excellent technical expertise and an extensive network of technical and industrial subcontractors.

Marine Bibal

Marine Bibal

EM Lyon Business School

A business development specialist, she helped establish the French subsidiary of Lampiris, an alternative energy supplier, which now owns the Total group.

She established and helped grow the B2B team in France.

She has an excellent understanding of large corporations and key account management processes, as well as strong connections in the agri-food sector.

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